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"I believe that education is the single most important civil rights issue that we face today. Because in the end, if we really want to solve problems like mass incarceration, poverty, racial profiling, voting rights and any of the other issues we have been shocked by in the last year, then we simply cannot afford to miss out on the potential of one young person. We simply cannot afford to let one young person fall through the cracks."


(Michelle Obama, who summarizes exactly (and better than me) what my objective is when teaching). Education is for life.

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What do great classrooms look like?

The core of education is the relationship between the teacher and the student, and the extent to which that relationship nurtures the longing of the child to matter in the world, and the longing of the teacher to nurture and fulfill that desire.”

–Timothy Shriver and Jennifer Buffet

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What do great Early Years Teachers do?
Invasion Games PYP Grade 1 & 2 Whole Unit Plan
Invasion games.jpg
Watch Kindergarten and Pre-Schoolers sing solos and build their confidence.
Teaching Travelling Circle Songs to Pre-kindergarten
Oats, and Beans and Barley grow (good song for seasons – spring)


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