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When I meet people, I like to ask questions. The kind of questions I like to ask helps me understand their paradigm; what they believe about the world. So, if I were you, and I was asking myself a bunch of questions, I’d ask things like; do you have a partner? Where did you meet? Where did you get married? Do you have children? Where are you from? What’s your favourite holiday ever, and why? What do you do for a job? Do you like it? What hobbies do you enjoy? Do you like sport? Which ones and why? If you had the choice, who would you invite to dinner if everyone who is now passed was actually still alive? So, I’m going to start my bio there. 

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My Story

Seoul was incredible for both of us. We met three other couples, a Canadian couple and two Kiwi couples. It was the start of a lifelong friendship. We call ourselves ‘The Fish and Chip Club’. (Homage to a New Zealand political social club of rebels). We still get together every couple of years, in Australia or New Zealand. During this time Neil and I were desperate to start a family. After several miscarriages, we adopted a three-week-old Korean boy, who we named Conor. Well, to be truthful, we called him Conor John Sung-jul Fletcher. Try fitting that on a passport! It was the best thing that ever happened to us. It wasn’t a holiday, so to speak, but it was the most tremendously important decision we ever made, and a life changing, explosive, feel-good flashpoint. See? I’ve already covered half my questions. 

In 1998 we decided for a sea change. Our Fish and Chip Club friend, who was Principal of the Elementary school at that time, introduced us to Geoff Lloyd. Geoff was the Headmaster at the International School of Moshi. I was working as Director of Athletics and Activities, and his AD was looking for a new post. So, we literally swapped jobs. And the next best thing to ever happen to us occurred in Tanzania. I fell pregnant. And we had a baby boy. And we didn’t care about that old passport thing and named him Euan Campbell Russell Fletcher. All family names. And oh boy he was a beautiful baby, but a very ‘active’ toddler. He’s great now, he’s 22 and raises money for Breast Cancer (which my mum had, and she survived). Conor is a Chef. They both love their work.


I’ve nearly finished all my questions. As a youngster, I played netball, and I was pretty good. I played A Grade at Club level and also represented my State. I love netball. I stream every single game on my laptop (until Neil arrived in Shanghai and bought some fancy TV box. Now I can watch the games on the telly). I also love gardening, fishing, owning cats and dogs. I adore my two dachshunds (Sasha and Piper) and I hope they can come with me when I leave Concordia. In addition to netball, I love cricket, AFL, swimming, and tennis (I love Rafa). I also LOVE to cook. 

That leaves only the dinner party question. Who would I want in the same room for a dinner of four if I could invite anyone in history? First, I’d send an invite to Jesus. I’d have a few questions for him, too. I’d ask him, why so long ago? Today you could be an influencer on Tik Tok, run a viral Twitter account, have a back-up Facebook page and Snap Chat. Don’t you think you mistimed it? And I’d want Louis Armstrong. That man was as honest as it gets, and he was making tracks for African Americans long before Black Lives Matter. He could also provide musical entertainment. I’d like to talk to Cleopatra. Like, really, you held an asp to your chest? Weren’t there easier ways? The water couldn’t have been good, it was pumped from the Nile. And lastly, I’d invite William Shakespeare because I LOVE his works. I’d especially like to ask him about the historical accuracy of his play Richard the Third. So many theories about Richard. I mean, really, did George die in a vat of malmsey? Where did that come from? And where are those Princes? Mummified in the Tower of London? 

And that’s me. I’m Sue Fletcher and I’m an international educator, who teaches with passion, heart and humour. Not many around the world get up and say I can’t wait to go to work! But I do. Because I love it. 


Connections via Social Media and Email are all welcome, but face-to-face is much better! Let's Skype or Zoom and replace the emojis with real-time and real smiles.

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