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I have been on school leadership teams for 18 years. I wrote the student sport section for Stars and Stripes. I built schools in Africa. I worked with HIV positive families in Tanzania. I led community programs to pick up trash in Adelaide. 

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To act with empathy, caring for our children, communities and the world. I am kind and thoughtful. I take risks and learn from failure; I am resilient. I am a contributor. Ultimately, the objective of being a great teacher is to contribute to the intellectual, emotional, and ethical growth of students, equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and values they need to succeed in life and become responsible and contributing members of society.


I am patient. I am adaptable. I can teach every age from 3 to 20. I communicate well and build relationships. I have high Social Emotional Intelligence. Read more about my skills by clicking the button.  

Work Experience


Achieve Xiamen International School Xiamen

Early Childhood - Grade 2 PE Teacher 


EAL/ESL Teacher Lower Elementary

Only closed references available on most recruitment sites.

Concordia International School Shanghai

Early Childhood Specialist Music and Movement Teacher (Pre-school to Kindergarten) 2017-2023


Elementary PE Teacher 2017-2018

Only closed references available on most recruitment sites.


Zurisana Cattery

Small Business Director (2015-2017)


Seymour College

January 2010- December 2015

Director of Boarding

Open Reference from Hilary Stephens, Deputy Head of School


Scotch College

January-December 2008 - 2010

International Student Coordinator

ESL/EAL Teacher High School

Open Reference from Tim Oughton, Principal



Trinity College

January 2005-December 2007

Director of Teaching and Learning (Middle School)

Physical Education, Humanities and English (Middle School)

Open Reference from the Headmaster, Luke Thompson


Families Support Services
Department for Child Protection

January-December 2004

Sex Education Consultant and Educator

Open Reference from Senior Officer, Gail Peters

Mount Carmel College

January-December 2003

Physical Education (High School), Mathematics (Middle

School) and Lifeskills (Health, High School)

Open Reference From Sister Josephine Dubiel, Principal

International School Moshi

August 1998- June 2002

Head of Physical Education, Outdoor Education and Stables

Teaching load: PE, English and Lifeskills (Year 6-12)

Open Reference Keiron White Deputy Head of School

Seoul International School

August 1992- June 1998

Director of Athletics and Activities

Teaching load: PE (PS-12), English, Social Studies and Humanities

(6-10) and Health (Year 6-12)

Open Reference Francelle Grisham Principal



January 1991-June 1992

Educational Officer, Injury Management Trainer


Peterborough High School

January-December 1990

Physical Education (Secondary), English (to year 12) and History

(year 10)


Saint Peter ’s Girls’ School

January-December 1989

Physical Education (K-7) and History (to year 12)

University of South Australia


Bachelor of Education

Majoring in Physical Education and English


Varsity Swim Coach (2017-2023)

Varsity Boys’ Volleyball

Varsity Girls’ Volleyball


Boys’ and Girls’ Tennis

USA Swim Coach Certificate

Australian AUSSWIM Certificate

American Red Cross First Aid and CPR Certificate


I have been on school leadership teams for 13 years. I wrote the

student sport section for Stars and Stripes. I built schools in

Africa. I worked with HIV positive families in Tanzania. I led

community programs to pick up trash in Adelaide. I love giving service to those in need.


My Experience

Director of Boarding ~ Seymour College

As Director of Boarding, I adopted a leadership and management style that was ‘hands on’ and which established a physical presence in the boarding house. I have excellent interpersonal and communication skills and was accessible to all members of the boarding community; boarding students, the parents, the Principal, appropriate members of the Leadership Team, Heads of House/Faculty, tutors/classroom teachers and the boarding house staff. I was ultimately responsible for all operational and welfare requirements of the staff and the 110 girls within the boarding house.

International Student Coordinator ~ Scotch College

I played a critical role in influencing the quality of the International Program and ensuring that students who participated in it had a satisfying and high-quality experience that was shared by their families, school and local communities. I provided pastoral care and support to international students within the School Community, and the Scotch Boarding House. I was a key liaison between international students, families, homestay providers and Scotch staff. I organized correct visas and government forms. I also taught year 11

and 12 ESL.

Director of Teaching and Learning Middle School ~ Trinity College

Reporting to the Principal, my role was to support, hold accountable, develop and lead a team of teachers and support staff, in the Middle School (Year 6-8), to ensure high standards of teaching and learning (including innovative practice) and the wellbeing of students and staff. It was my responsibility to contribute to the strategic development of the College by implementing whole school new initiatives, and monitoring and reporting on key outcomes. It was also my responsibility to collect, analyse and report on NAPLAN (Australia-wide testing) results. Trinity College is the biggest school in Australia, boasting more than 2500 students.

Head of PE and Health (whole school) and Stables ~ International School Moshi

It was my role to teach Personal Development, Health and Physical Education, to all grade levels from Year 5 – IB2 (Year 12). I led multi disciplinary teams to achieve effective student learning outcomes and led the ongoing development of a comprehensive school sporting program. I worked collaboratively with the leadership team to lead, manage and implement whole school improvement processes and initiatives that addressed school and faculty priorities. I demonstrated I could lead the development and implementation of innovative, high-quality teaching and learning programs across the school which were differentiated and supported the learning of all students. I also ran the stables, where we had 10 horses and a full-time riding school. I was the staff elected representative on the school leadership team.

Director of Athletics and Activities ~ Seoul International School

The job of Director of Athletics and Activities at SIS was done for the purpose/s of directing all aspects of the athletics program for the Varsity program; and managing the entire activities program K-12 (called Boosters); managing a second tier Athletics program feeding into Varsity and Junior Varsity; hiring coaching staff; ordering equipment for teams; managing a budget; promoting events, matches and meets; coordinating with operations directors; achieving defined objectives by planning, evaluating, developing, implementing and maintaining services in compliance with established guidelines; and serving as a member of the school leadership team.


Connections via Social Media and Email are all welcome, but face-to-face is much better! Let's Skype or Zoom and replace the emojis with real-time and real smiles.

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