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I believe that each child is unique and precious. Exceptional individualities, with endless potential, children need the just-right amount and type of support, encouragement, care and intellectual stimulation to grow, to reach their full potential and ultimately to make the world a better place. I am dedicated to the development of the whole child; therefore, in my teaching I am driven by the desire to ensure that each child benefits from the environment and the tools necessary for his or her complete development, while addressing the different learning styles and intelligences. The main ideas leading my teaching are: (1) all teaching and learning is student centered, (2) a child can learn best if his or her curiosity is promoted and encouraged, and (3) all things and people deserve respect and appreciation. 

I believe that the teacher’s role is that of a guide, rather than the ultimate source of all information. When students’ curiosity is awakened, encouraged and respected, they take ownership of their own learning and start to search for knowledge and to discover ways to find answers to their questions. It is my desire to develop in children a passion for learning, which will not stop the moment the school year has finished but will lead and accompany them for the rest of their life. Providing students with access to hands-on activities, first-hand experiences and meaningful contexts where to apply their learning creates an opportunity for individual discovery and construction of knowledge to happen. I believe that positive, consistent and timely feedback is crucial in providing the child with information on his or her progress, success and need for growth. 


Different international institutions have emphasized the relevance of education to developing citizens who contribute to achieving the SDGs for 2030. However, a review focused on physical education (PE) has yet to be performed. I believe there are several SD Goals that can be addressed in Physical Education. What I have written here is an attempt to highlight the SDGs I can incorporate into my classes, and where they might sit. Please click Read More if you are interested in my ideas. 

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Concordia International School Shanghai

2018 - Current

Currently Early Childhood Specialist Music and Movement Teacher

(Pre-school to Kindergarten)

Concordia International School Shanghai

2017 - 2018

Elementary PE Teacher 2017-2018

Zurisana Cattery

2017 - 2013

Small Business Director

“The core of education is the relationship between the teacher and the student, and the extent to which that relationship nurtures the longing of the child to matter in the world, and the longing of the teacher to nurture and fulfil that desire.”
–Timothy Shriver and Jennifer Buffet


University of South Australia

1985 - 1988



Bachelor of Education

Majoring in Physical Education and English

USA Swim Coach Certificate

American Red Cross First Aid and CPR Certificate


When I meet people, I like to ask questions. The kind of questions I like to ask helps me understand their paradigm; what they believe about the world. So, if I were you, and I was asking myself a bunch of questions, I’d ask things like; do you have a partner? Where did you meet? Where did you get married? Do you have children? Where are you from? What’s your favourite holiday ever, and why? What do you do for a job? Do you like it? What hobbies do you enjoy? Do you like sport? Which ones and why? If you had the choice, who would you invite to dinner if everyone who is now passed was actually still alive? So, I’m going to start my bio there. 




A Scott, International School Moshi

"Sue is an able teacher. Head of Department and Director of the Sports Programme. She has taught PE and Life Skills at the school."


F Grisham, Seoul International School

"Ms Russell is an extremely professional woman, setting very high standards of conduct for herself and her students."


T Oughton, Principal, Scotch College 

"Sue immediately made a positive impact on the school, and especially amongst our group of international students."



+86 130 2319 1279




Jinqiao, Pudong, Shanghai, China


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